Even when diet and exercise are optimized, we may have pockets we just cannot get reduce.  Microliposuction is the gold standard treatment for these areas.  Microliposuction is a highly refined procedure in which the  fat can be gently and precisely sculpted away to provide a more harmonious contour.  The procedure is performed with fine cannulas that remove small amounts of fat at a time to carve away and sculpt the fat resulting in a smooth and even contour.

Ideal areas for microliposuction include the neck (double chin), underside of the arms, waist and love handles, abdomen, inner thighs, and outer thighs (saddlebags). The procedures are done under local anesthesia with minimal recovery time and scarring if microcannulas are used.  Sometimes laser or ultrasound energy can be used in conjunction to provide additional skin tightening although the additional benefits may be minimal and there may be additional risks.

Some caveats:  1. make sure you seek out a dermatological surgeon or plastic surgeon with training and experience in the tumescent microcannulas technique 2. It is desirable to leave a thin layer of fat behind so if weight is gained In the future it can be evenly distributed throughout the treated areas, and 3. optimize diet and exercise to avoid future weight gain because this may accumulate in the visceral compartment increasing the risk for diabetes and heart disease.  With a realistic, sensible, and balanced approach, microliposuction is an outstanding adjunctive treatment used to treat unwanted fat.