Fat and Fitness

Fat is an important component of the skin with many important functions. Fat exists in two main compartments: visceral (deep fat around internal organs) and subcutaneous (the fat associated with the skin). Fat is a very active tissue that exerts effects on energy and metabolism but has also been shown to release hormones and immune systm mediators. Additionally, the building blocks of fat cells include cholesterol and triglyceride based molecules and are important components of the bodies cellular structure. Therefore, some fat is both important and vital to our health while excess fat can be detrimental to overall health.  When it comes to fat, balance is key.

Visceral fat which is deep in the body around internal organ is extremely metabolically active and excess may be associated with an increase risk for certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease, increased cholesterol and stroke.  An excess of visceral fat is undesirable.

Subcutaneous fat may be less metabolically active than visceral fat but an excess of overall subcutaneous fat may be a reflection of increased visceral fat and its detrimental health effects so it is optimal to minimize and balance the amount of subcutaneous fat in the body. However, subcutaneous fat also has beneficial effects lending insulation and protective effects. It is also supportive to the skin providing volume and support for a more youthful look. In fact, fat loss in the face is characteristically what give us an aging appearance. This is why injection of fillers into the face restores a more youthful appearance.  However, excess pockets of subcutaneous fat may accumulate and result in aesthetically displeasing effects such as facial jowls , double chin in the neck area, love handles, sagging arms, and distorted thighs.

Balancing the amount of fat in the body is very important. While an excess of fat is very dangerous to overall health and therefore, visceral and subcutaneous fat should be minimized, some is needed to maintain the beneficial effects. A proper overall balance is maintained through proper diet and exercise to establish caloric balance. We need to consuming adequate healthy calories to provide energy while we also try to increase the rate at which these calories are burned to prevent caloric storage in the form of fat.

Once and only once  diet and exercise are optimized and we are still confronted with unwanted pockets of fat, certain procedures such as liposuction may be helpful to remove residual deposits.

There are many aspects to understanding and regulating fat:




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