Warts are skin growths due to various subtypes of human papilloma virus (HPV). Anyone may be affected, though people with slight deficiencies or suppression of their immune system are predisposed. The virus can be spread through skin to skin contact.

Warts can be treated in a variety of ways- from simple topical applied medications that are not painful (typically used in children), to liquid nitrogen (cyrotherapy), to various modes of laser and surgery, as well an injections (immunotherapy).

Through experience, I have noted that a combination of therapy in the doctor’s office combined with at-home treatment can significantly hasten the resolution of warts.

This is the regimen  I typically recommend for treatment of warts.  (if no allergies or contraindications- discuss with your dermatologist)

1. Apply over the counter salicylic acid cream or salicylic acid plaster.  If your doctor has prescribed you Aldara (a cream that stimulates the immune system) you may use that. If using a cream, cover with duct tape or bandage.

2. In the morning, remove the cream and file wart with emery board or pumice stone

3. Re-cover with medicine + bandage.

Warts in Ethnic Skin
Warts are infectious and thus spread easily when scratched or traumatized. This may prove very harmful for ethnic skin as the wart may lead to discoloration and scarring. In addition, it is important to note that the therapies that your doctor may use to treat the warts may bring about temporary lightening or darkening of the skin.