Razor Bumps

Razor bumps typically affect the hair shaft – the hair, after growing a few millimeters on the skin surface, curls and reenters the skin. This creates a pimple or bump around the hair root.  Razor bumps can also occur in the pubic hair if the hair is shaved or waxed aggressively.

Treatment involves minimizing shaving. Also, pretreatment with antibiotic wash can minimize formation of the pimples around the hair follicle. Laser (Neodymium YAG Laser) is a proven, very effective means of simultaneously permanently reducing the hair and bumpy texture.

Razor bumps in ethnic skin:
Razor bumps are particularly common in ethnic skin — individuals with dark hair tend to have thicker hair/ hair follicles that are more prone to curving inwards and forming bumps.  These bumps not only are unattractive and sometimes tender, they may hyperpigment and also form keloidal thickened scars.

The good news is that minimizing shaving and using pretreatment with antibiotic wash is very effective in darker skin type. Your dermatologist may also prescribe Retin-A (a prescription cream that exfoliates the hair follicle). Small injections of mild cortisone into some of the thicker bumps will cure them. Laser treatment is particularly effective in darker skin type, as the darker hair responds well to the neodymium yag laser.