Red bumps after waxing or threading?

Many of my patients are concerned about little red bumps that develop after their waxing, threading, and even shaving procedures.

Do not worry, these red bumps are very common and due to inflammed hair follicles after the hair removal.

In most cases, the red bumps are only temporary and calm down after a day or so. The bumps typically do not signify that you are allergic to the wax or that the Continue reading

Laser hair removal in pregnancy: Is is safe?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy may trigger excess hair growth. It is not uncommon to develop excess facial hair, as well as hair on the nipples and abdomen. Combined with the weight gain, bloating and fatigue- it can make any woman feel less than attractive. But, is laser hair removal safe while you are expecting? Continue reading

Why am I breaking out from hair removal?

Many men and women commonly develop bumps around the hair follicles related to various hair removal techniques including waxing, threading, sugaring, and shaving.  These inflammatory bumps occur for three main reasons:

  1. immediate inflammation from the hair removal process that irritates the hair follicle
  2. ingrown hairs that curl and get trapped under the surface of the skin; this is a result of delayed inflammation that occurs several days after the hair removal process as the hairs grow in. Continue reading