Have summer fun guys … but avoid those fungi!

Summer is fast approaching which for many means fun in the sun, swimming pools, increased gym time to get beach ready…. and an increased risk of acquiring the dreaded “athlete’s foot”. Not just a problem for athletes, “athlete’s foot” is actually caused by a fungus that invades and proliferates in the skin. It can spread to the hair and nails but does not spread internally. Signs of athlete’s foot include red, scaly patches on the bottom and sides of the foot, cracks between the toes, and sometime small little blisters. Continue reading

Navigating your way through the yoga studio

With its origins in South Asia, yoga has garnered extreme popularity throughout the world in the modern day. Group classes are routinely offered in gyms and yoga studios and yogis will undoubtedly tout the inarguable benefits in terms of flexibility, strength, stamina, and mental balance of this form of exercise.  Continue reading