Safety In The Nail Salon

A recent trend that has hit the nail salons with a bang is the gel manicure. These are special types of manicures in which gel acrylics are applied to the nail and then cured or cross linked by ultraviolet (UV)  lamps. During the procedure, multiple coats are applied to the nail and each coat is followed by UV light exposure. The popularity of the gel manicures lies in its multiple benefits: a look that is natural,  glossy, and long lasting.

But are there dangers associated with these manicures and more specifically the UV light exposure? Continue reading


How Do I Choose an Eye Cream?

With the plethora of eye products available on the market, it can be confusing and difficult to choose the right eye cream for you. Devising a systematic approach to choosing your eye cream will help optimize your results and minimize adverse effects. There are three main issues you need to consider:

1.Do I have sensitive skin or can I tolerate stronger products?

This is a very important question to consider as eyelid skin is Continue reading

Chemical Peels for Melasma Explained

Melasma is a condition characterized by patches of hyperpigmentation usually located on the face. It is believed to be caused by an interplay of hormones or medications and sun exposure. Melasma is more common in women and may be associated with oral contraceptive use and can occur in pregnancy. Although less common, melasma can also be seen in men. Continue reading

What make-up should I use, Doctor?

This is an exceedingly common question among my female patients. Most women know to use only non-comedogenic and oil free products to avoid clogging pores and producing acne but still have questions regarding the ideal make-up to use. Along with many other dermatologists, my resounding response is to utilize a mineral based make-up usually in a loose powder form. These products provide excellent coverage and camouflage, are generally non-irritating, and are well tolerated by acne prone skin. A number of mineral based make up products are currently available including the following brands:  Bare Minerals, Bare Escentuals, Glo Minerals, and Jane Iredale just to name a few. Continue reading

Have summer fun guys … but avoid those fungi!

Summer is fast approaching which for many means fun in the sun, swimming pools, increased gym time to get beach ready…. and an increased risk of acquiring the dreaded “athlete’s foot”. Not just a problem for athletes, “athlete’s foot” is actually caused by a fungus that invades and proliferates in the skin. It can spread to the hair and nails but does not spread internally. Signs of athlete’s foot include red, scaly patches on the bottom and sides of the foot, cracks between the toes, and sometime small little blisters. Continue reading

My Spicy Food is Making Me Sweat!

Recently, a Desi Dermatology reader posed a question about a problem with increased sweating after eating hot and spicy foods. This is not an uncommon phenomenon and serves as a good launching pad to discuss the issue of excessive sweating or “hyperhidrosis” in general.

Excessive sweating may occur in three patterns:

  • Under the arms and on the palms/soles.
  • Localized sweating isolated to certain body parts such as the scalp or forehead.
  • Generalized sweating diffusely over the body . Continue reading

The Common Culprit: Male Pattern Hair Loss

Hair loss is an extremely common problem in men seeking the care of a dermatologist.  It can occur in men as early as the late teenage years and can therefore be an extremely sensitive issue for many young men. In others, it may become more apparent later in the 20’s or 30’s. There are a number of possible causes of hair loss in men but most hair loss is due to male pattern hair loss or “androgenetic alopecia”. This type of hair loss results from the action of dihydrotestosterone on the hair follicle which causes it to miniaturize and close up. Dihydrotestosterone is a product of the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase acting on testosterone. Continue reading