Bumpy arms?

With most of the country in the midst of a heat wave, men and women are baring more skin. Sleeveless tops are meant to make you feel cool — not embarrassed about the bumpy “chicken-skin” on the back of your arms.  This common disorder is a condition referred to as keratosis pilaris (KP).  The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that 20-40% of all adults are affected by KP.

  • What causes KP: KP is caused when keratin (a skin protein), blocks the hair follicle and forms hard plugs.  It is an autosomal dominant genetic trait with variable penetrance. This essentially means that most likely, someone else in your family also has KP. Continue reading

Do I really need a separate eye cream?

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Cosmetic companies have perpetuated a myth through the years that all individuals need to invest in a separate product for the eyes. Typically, these eye creams, serums, and gels are miniscule and have elaborate packaging. They also have exorbitant price tags.  But, do you really need a separate product just for the skin around the eyes?

Background:  The skin around the eye is thinner than the rest of the skin on the face. This makes it more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the skin around the eyes has few sebaceous glands (oil producing glands) and thus more dry than other facial skin.

Why you do NOT need a separate eye cream:   You should already be utilizing a good regimen, incorporating antioxidants/growth factors/peptides and retinoids.  Gentle emolliating creams also help to seal in the properties of these active ingredients and give hydration. If you are already utilizing a great Continue reading

I got a suburn- now what do I do?

Even celebrities get sunburnt!
Kim Kardashian photo courtesy of http://www.centralinteriordesign.com

A common misconception among my desi patients is that they are immune to sunburn. In fact, I want our ethnic skin readers to realize that brown skin can burn. Unfortunately, brown skin burns can occasionally be worse than burns in lighter skin tones for two main reasons:

  • The individual does not realize that burning is occurring until a significant burn occurs
  • Not only does the burn and subsequent peeling occur, this burn then causes irregular discoloration (namely light and dark spots) that persist for months.

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Melanoma Monday: 10 Lifesaving Tips

Today — Monday, May 7th — is Melanoma Monday. Melanoma Monday is a vital day to increase awareness of the deadliest form of skin cancer.  Throughout the United States dermatologists are hosting educational events and free skin cancer screenings to help increase public knowledge about this insidious skin cancer. In Minnesota, Dr Mohiba Tareen is kicking off Melanoma Monday Continue reading

What SPF sunscreen should I use?

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A fascinating new dermatology study shows sunscreens with SPF 70+ actually provide more protection.  This is because all of us routinely under-apply sunscreen. We are supposed to apply 2 mg/cm2 of sunscreen (approximately 1 oz of sunscreen for the body or a shot glass full). However, the actual protection we Continue reading

Red bumps after waxing or threading?

Many of my patients are concerned about little red bumps that develop after their waxing, threading, and even shaving procedures.

Do not worry, these red bumps are very common and due to inflammed hair follicles after the hair removal.

In most cases, the red bumps are only temporary and calm down after a day or so. The bumps typically do not signify that you are allergic to the wax or that the Continue reading

Interested in Botox? All of the questions you were afraid to ask …


These are common questions and myths about Botox — from a reprint from the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Stylepoints: Skin, sun and saving face

Dermatologist Mohiba Tareen talks about Botox and other treatments.

Photo: Mark Hoffer, MCT

Dermatologist Mohiba Tareen looks impossibly well rested. For her, that’s the ultimate compliment.

“Let me tell you, I’m not well rested,” she said.

As the mother of two young boys and in the midst of establishing her dermatology practice in Roseville, she credits the carefully placed use of fillers under her eyes and in a tiny acne scar and Botox for her perfectly smooth, yet natural complexion.

Tareen recently relocated from New York, where she worked at a high-end Manhattan practice. In addition to being an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota’s Medical School and an expert for WebMD.com, Tareen is launching cosmetic services such as Botox and fillers at the Ivy Spa in Minneapolis.

There, she’ll help Minnesotans capture her same impossibly fresh look.

“Small, subtle things make a huge difference,”  she said. “I don’t want somebody to say, ‘What did you have done?’ I want somebody to say, ‘You look well rested.’ ‘You look like you got a great haircut.’ ‘You look like you went on vacation.'”

She shared some of her skin-care advice. Continue reading