Acne Scarring and Hyperpigmentation

Acne in South Asian and ethnic skin can have unique consequences including hyperpigmentation and textural scarring. Fortunately, hyperpigmentation can be treated with skin lightening agents, many of which can be found in over the counter products (look for active ingredients such as kojic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid,  azeleic acid, arbutin, vitamin C, licorice extract , and hydroquinone.  More resistant hyperpigmentation may require prescription based treatments.

Office procedures including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser treatments can also be very helpful to manage hyperpigmentation.  However, these procedures must be selected and performed carefully in Indian skin or can lead to additional problems such as worse hyperpigmentatino, infection, and scarring make sure the procedures you are having performed  are safe for your skin type and the operator has special expertise in treating ethnic skin.

Acne that results in depressed scars or pits can be treated with certain laser treatments.  Not all lasers, however, are safe for darker skin.  The best treatments at the current time are fractionated lasers such as Fraxel.