Founded in 2010, Desi dermatology is a blog dedicated to the skin health of the South Asian diaspora as well as the impact of South Asian culture on skin and heath globally. Derived from one of the oldest and most diverse civilizations the world has ever seen, the peoples of South Asia (which includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan) are dispersed across the entire globe yet are bound by a rich heritage of vibrant traditions,  multiculturalism, diversity, respect and tolerance.

We hope to holistically approach indian and ethnic skin health paying respect to dermatology, science and medicine, the broad range of skin types and the unique physiology of ethnic skin, and the vast and diverse desi culture — simultaneusly both ancient and modern and both eastern and western. We address all aspects of skin care ranging from medicine and surgery to cosmetic procedures, skin products, fat balance, fitness and nutrition, and society, style and beauty. And never to be overlooked is the connection between our skin health and internal health and overall psychosocial and spiritual well being.

Our board certified dermatologists  (Dr. Mohiba Tareen and Dr. Shilesh Iyer), experts in ethnic skin, have over 20 years of dermatologic experience and  have authored dozens of scholarly publications.  They have trained at multiple internationally recognized Ivy league institutions and leading American universities.  We hope to share our passion for dermatology and pass on the knowledge that has been invested in us to give back and educate and help others  live life to the fullest.

Topics we address  range from the serious to… well …the more  light hearted… But always in an honest, reputable, and trustworthy fashion.