Red bumps after waxing or threading?

Many of my patients are concerned about little red bumps that develop after their waxing, threading, and even shaving procedures.

Do not worry, these red bumps are very common and due to inflammed hair follicles after the hair removal.

In most cases, the red bumps are only temporary and calm down after a day or so. The bumps typically do not signify that you are allergic to the wax or that the aesthetician has burned you/ caused permanent harm.  Also, they are usually not a sign of infection.

Occasionally, in Desi skin/ Brown skin/ Ethnic skin the red bumps can lead to discoloration. Thus, it is helpful to minimize the inflammation.

Tips to minimize the red bumps include:

1.  Apply 1% hydrocortisone cream (this is over the counter) to the waxed areas IMMEDIATELY after the procedure (this will decrease the amount of inflammation cells that come to the area).  I personally always keep a small tube in my purse to apply immediately after my eyebrow threading

2. Cool compresses after the procedure will help minimize redness and swelling

If you are on prescription acne medicine (such as Retin-a, Retinol, or Glycolic acid products) your skin may be more sensitive to waxing or threading- leading to red bumps that last a longer period of time — or potentially even burns. Be careful and let your aesthetician know exactly what you are using.


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